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Two videos in one! I show you how to make blue PokeBlocks which are necessary to increase Feebas's Beauty stat - max it and then level up to evolve into Milotic!


My Feebas is shiny, and so will be its evolution!

It's much easier in ORAS where there's no limit to how many PokeBlocks you can feed a Pokemon. In the original games, there WAS a limit, meaning you had to make top quality PokeBlocks if you wanted to be sure to max the Beauty stat - on top of that, Nature played a factor as well!

But now there's no limit, and you're encouraged to max each stat (Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness!) and win all of the Master Rank contests with the same Pokemon. This allows your Pokemon to receive a special entrance in battles denoting it is a Contest Star! You also get a special piece of furniture for your Secret Base, along with an extra Ribbon for completing all the Master Rank contests.

Yes, the special Contest Star entrance stacks with the Shiny sparkles, though it's kind of a mess and to be honest I don't like it.

Making PokeBlocks, sometimes you can get PokeBlock+ by just using regular berries I've noticed. I've also noticed that I got PokeBlock+ more by spamming the A button but I think that's just a placebo effect....

Make full use of the Berry Master's garden to get good!

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